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I dont shower all the time, do you?

i dont brush my teeth all the time either.

how about shaving? not as much.. i do it when i expect someone to feel me. but other than that no..

what do you guys think? lets talk about it.


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I shower everyday no matter what, brush twice a day. Shave everywhere everyday.

Wash my clothes after they have been worn, even once, (Im so extreme that if i try a shirt on and decide not to wear it that day i have to wash it before i put it on again) sweatshirts, jackets pants everything.

I like to be clean and smell nice, and i dont like being hairy:P

i shower um once a week i brush my teeth once a day and shaving im 12 sooo not yet
...Are twelveys even allowed on here?

I try to shower every night. But if I don't feel like it, I don't.

I brush my teeth at least once a week.

I shave my armpits like, once every 2 days.

I hate smelling bad, though. XD

I shower and brush my teeth if Im going to work...anndd thats honestly about it (I work like 3 days a week so thats better than what happens when Im unemployed).

I do wear deodarant (though somedays I do forget)my clothes dont really get wased unless I smell them and become disgusted (underwear and socks do get washed often though)

Im wayy too lazy for my own good.

I forget deodorant ALL THE TIME. >.>

oh man I'm surprised I've never replied to this... 

I shower whenever I feel like I need to . I think it all depends on what I'm doing and what my hair is like. 
Currently I'm not playing sports and I have super short hair so I only shower every week to two weeks. 

I have dry skin and my hair rarely gets greasy... it takes like 4 days for my hair to start getting greasy actually. If i wash my hair too much my scalp can get dried out pretty quick so i try to hold off on the shampoo as long as i can. My body hair is blonde and has a super fine texture so most people barely notice it, I'll get compliments on how smooth my legs feel when i haven't shaved in like a month. >:D

I dont sweat much... which you think is great but I over heat really easily and my face gets super red really fast which can be kind of embarrassing. However i guess its kind of nice because i don't seem to carry an odor? people say that i smell good which i think is really strange cause i rarely shower. 

I'm super terrible about brushing my teeth. Surprisingly though I don't have many dental problems... my friends brush their teeth everyday and are super pissed that I manage to not have any cavities. I really try to keep up though cause i know this sort of thing may bite me in the ass in the future. 

Also i never do laundry unless I'm out of clean underwear... and sometimes even then i'll just... not wear underwear. 

I shower every other day, usually. I wash my hair every night because hairspray isn't fun to leave in overnight. I try to brush my teeth at least once a day but sometimes it only happens once or twice a week. I shave my armpits often, but everything below my waist just gets done every so often so it doesn't get out of hand. Sometimes I get to it once a week and sometimes it's once a month. No big deal to me.


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