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I dont shower all the time, do you?

i dont brush my teeth all the time either.

how about shaving? not as much.. i do it when i expect someone to feel me. but other than that no..

what do you guys think? lets talk about it.


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hey man lil advice if your at a place you can take a shower prolly a good time to take a shower hahaha!
thats a pretty good statement
Lol, the same actually. I don't shower more than once or twice a week unless I'm on my period and it's warm and sweaty, I only brush teeth when I'm at my father or when it feels like they're furry, and what's the point of shaving of you're just staying home?!
hizzah for same point of views
I can't believe some of the replies to this. I brush twice a day when i can. Shower and bathe when i feel like it or start to smell or after sex. Wash my hands often as i live in London and im not a recluse and i shave when i want. I just try to keep it tidy down there.
I shower and shave once a day. I brush my teeth 3 or more times a day if I am at home... Also I always wear perfume and jewerly and also make sure I always have on make up before I leave my house. ( Even if just a five minute 'face' ) I am a bit more anal about hygiene than most folks I know in all fairness though. I also have a thing about wearing heels if I am doing anything out of the house as well, and I also paint my fingernails every other day. ( And I do all this and am also a Mom, my todder daughters are just as dollied up as their mum, lol) I think maybe I suffer from some sort of OCD. lmfao
oh and this all started when my mom told me as a teenager, to make sure I take care of myself incase a coroner finds my hairy legs and dirty undies and mismatched socks showing up on the autopsy table... ever since, its been a big deal to me. lmfao Morbid & funny=awesome.
ahhh my mamaw used to tell us the same thing. "make sure you wear clean underwear incase you're in a wreck or something" i never really got this until my mom was in a wreck, and the emt's had to cut off all her clothes. i am the same way with makeup too, if i am out the house i have to have some on.
Hygiene isn't important. I don't shower often like maybe once every 3 to 4 weeks, currently its been about a month I think. But when you shower it opens your pores so there is a bigger chance of you getting sick so being dirty is actually healthier for you. As far as brushing your teeth, I do that about every 3 days, I don't drink sodas or eat shit like that and I don't use toothpaste i just use baking soda and salt to kill the acidity that eats away my enamel. I don't use deodorant just put baking soda under your arms and it stops moisture and odor most of the time. Shaving I don't really have to do as I can't grow facial hair or hair anywhere else really accept for the boys down stairs.

shower once a week.

brush my teeth when i feel like it

wash my hair once a mounth :p

I probably smell like shit, but I'm used to the smell so i dont care

Im afraid of the dentist so I brush my teeth 2 times a day use the thready thingie and flour!!

Shower... my skin get easy dry so maybe one time a week or every second mostly just wash my bangs and under my arms in the sink.

Makeup not always hate to feel the pressure. shaving same =) almost never wash my clothes more then undies.


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