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I dont shower all the time, do you?

i dont brush my teeth all the time either.

how about shaving? not as much.. i do it when i expect someone to feel me. but other than that no..

what do you guys think? lets talk about it.


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Right now I probably smell like shit. ---; )
My hot water froze, so i haven't taken a shower..  :D I feel good. ahha

Got into the dirty punk kid routine in high school and it's not stopped.


Shower: I whore bathe every day and shower every few days

Brushing teeth: That I do everyday

Laundry: Whenever I feel like it.

Shaving: Whenever I feel like it... Once I'm annoyed, then I do it, unless my dude's going to see me and then I have to clean up.

Hair washing: One a week. I go to cosmetology school and do it there normally on tuesdays.

haha, that sounds like a rad routine.

i have like 6 missing teehth


because you don't brush?
I shower when my hair starts to get greasy (every 2 or 3 days), I brush my teeth in the morning (morning breath [email protected]), and I don't shave a lot nowadays because it's winter and I don't have a bf. Used to shave the nether regions but now I think I'm just gonna keep it trimmed. Shaving is painful.

i live in houston i shower everyday due to me sweating my ass off. but the winter...when ever that is. i shower every other day. wash my clothes every week or week an half due also to sweating alot. 

brush every morning, shave the stashe every other day cause i just dont like it, the rest will let grow. as for the down stairs, as like everyone else says. only when i know its getting touched :) 


as for my women, they better clean the goods and brush. as for the rest i dont care 


 I excercise daily, so I need a shower afterward. I shave and brush once in the evening. somtimes, i'll grow some facial hair, but I don't wear it for long.

 You don't need to smell like a rose, but if you smell like feet, i'm not going to find it very enamoring...

I tend to shower 2/3 times a week depending on what ive done that week. Its always cold here in england where i am so i never sweat lol.

I never wash my coats or hoodies unless i spill something.

I change my clothes everyday but i leave them on the floor lol and use em another day, unless i got them muddy or spilt something on them, in that case ill wash em.

I try to brush my teeth every morning but it doesnt always happen :P my dentist hates me! lol

As for shaving, i just shave whenever it bothers me, so once/twice a week? apart from my legs xD Nobody ever sees em so y bother?

Personally i dont care how someones hygiene is unless i practically gag from the smell lol.

Well, I shower when I feel a  need to, sometime it's every other day, sometimes it's every other week, i don't like when i smell,.. What relays on teeth - same as my shower time, though I have major problems with my teeth, soon i'm gonna have to see a dentist. i've let my teeth have some cavities (quite big right now).

I have to shower every day. A clean punk is a good looking punk...

I don't brush my teeth as often as I should but I do it every now and again...

I believe shaving is next to eating. I hate hawks that have tons of fuzz on the side. Nothing feels better than a freshly shaven head with a hawk on top and a freshly shaven face on bottom. Tons of facial hair shows no professionalism and makes people look sloppy and non-hygenic


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