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What do you think of punk within the last 5 years? Wether you think its too mainstream now, or just as bad ass as ever, I want to hear what everyone has to say.

Although I do not consider myself a punk, I have mixed opinions about it. I hate how most people consider every kid with a sum 41 T-shirt and an odd sort of hair cut a punk (thanks to MTV) But, I also respect the people who consider punk a mindset/ way of life, and not a fashion trend.

Anyways, I want to hear what you think. (even if it's telling me that I don't know shit about what I'm talking about)

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Well said.

This sounds like a pretty good description to me of what punk is about today, and if it isn't, well I think it should be.
Who gives a fuck about what the mainstream is doing, I don't care what Hot Topic carries or that MTV has capitalized on the "punk" image. As long as you know what you are about, those things don't really matter.
Anyways, some of the people on here should be glad they exist because otherwise they wouldn't be able to self righteously bitch about how much more punk they are than everyone else.
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Perfect example of punk is the Clash. They played music that sounded good and looked weird cos it was cheap and they were poor. Punk is way of life not a fashion statement. FUCK MTV!
the way i see it the look doesnt matter if you've ever seen slc punk there is one guy who looks like a total nerd but he is the most badass punk there is punk is about doing what you believe and not conforming by trying to look "punk" you are conforming to wat you think is punk making you not punk

"Punk now days"

dead and cremated long ago, a punk rocker today is being a frat boy;


or, you got the Anti-Exciting Alliance;

"liek, oh meh gawd, colored hair is lieeeek, soooo mainstream now, I've seen so many people with , like, well, its a pretty obscure number, you've probably never even heard of it


Mainstream, upstream, downstream, who cares? As long as you enjoy the music you listen to (whether it be the sound or words), have real beliefs (not ones you got from a shirt at some over elaborate website), and are happy and confident in the way you look, does it matter what happened today or 20 years ago?

I'm thirsty


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