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So like how does it go can you get through with a Mohawk? Piercing? I know a jacket that's been studded and stuff won't get through. And like chains and things
Anyone have any experiences or knOw about it? Please tell me

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I never left the state i'm in.. must be fun to travel! :D

Yeah it's ok. I'm just going over a few states. And need to know some stuff haha
i wore my mohawk up and had my studded leather jacket on when I flew criss-crossed across the country last summer. Only problem I had was some awkward looks.
i never had a problem in an airport even with my leather or denim

You just have to take off your jacket no matter what kind of jacket it is and take off your belt and shoes. I've gone through with all my piercings in and have never had a problem. And a mohawk has no direct relation to homeland security :)


Well thanks guys I appreciate it. I just needed to know if people had any problems or something. Cheers

For comfort I wear my hair down when flying. Tampa airport is pretty good about security. The worst place was in Milwaukee WI and the security guard was just obviously giving my boyfriend and I the evil eye. Other than that, Ive never had any problems.

you walk through security as normal, do what they tell you and you wont have any problems. ive flown countless times, with no issues. ever. dont make problems for them and they wont make problems for you (usually)

What about your piercings.....I have over 20 Stainless Steel Barbells and Captive Bead Rings on me......can I leave them in and get thru with no problem, or do I need to change them all to bioplast? It's a helluva job to change them all out! 

Piercings should not set off the metal detector

If they do, TSA will get out their metal wand and be like "oh its just this persons face/nipples/genitals etc."

I'm not really sure about the studded jacket thing, I try to get through security as fast as possible so anything chains, studs etc. goes into my checked luggage. I dont even bother with that.

i wear: hawk down, comfortable pants (even pajama pants will do), slip on shoes/sandals, and a band t-shirt. its just a plane ride i don't need the whole get-up... you always hope (I always do) there is going to be this really cool/hot chick/dude on your plane that you'll sit near and be able to keep company for like and hour or two but that shit like never happens. If you're fortunate enough to spot your dream girl on this plane, chances are she's on the opposite end and there is no way you can approach her without looking like a creep. And then you guys will just awkwardly exchange glances at baggage claim... and when i say "you guys" i mean just you and when i say "exchange glances" i mean that you're the only one looking and she's just catching you staring at her. 

but you know you're more likely to sit in between a guy who hogs the arm rest, a man who smells funny, and a small child in the row behind you. so no worries! :D 

Happy Travels! the plane ride sucks but once you get to where you are going its going to be awesome! (unless you're traveling to go to a funeral then uhhh probably not.)


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