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So, is it just me, or is it really possible for you to call yourself a punk and smoke some Marlboros? Cigarette companies are pretty much the definition of a crooked big company business. Killing people by the masses to make money. If you grow your own tobacco, or roll your own cigarettes, as long as you're not addicted, I can respect that much more. Also, I don't quite understand having and addiction and being punk. It's ok if you're trying to break past habbits or addictions, that's completely admirable. But you cannot call yourself free and drink a shitton of coffee and chain smoke.

Does that make sense or am I talking out of my ass?

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I think the same applies to any consumer product... alcohol too. I sometimes think its ironic that some punks talk about 'fuck the system' and corporate hate, then they go and drink beer or something thats produced by some multi-national company. We're all part of the consumer game...regardless if we like it or not. The only true way is complete DIY, but who has the balls and commitment for that?
Yeah, it's a rough commitment, I completely understand that and admire the people that can completely commit to the DIY lifestyle. And yes, consumer products alike, if you buy them, when you buy them, how you buy them, and where you buy them is all just a ratrace. But like you said, what are you going to do about it unless you're 100% DIY? I'm just trying to stop people from calling themselves a "punk" and preaching freedom and, as you said, corporate hate "fuck the system" mentality while smoking some cigarettes and even alcohol too, as you've mentioned. You can't save the world passed out on the floor.
I just stopped taking care of shit. I like smoking, but I'm not a chain-smoker, I'm not that addicted. I can stop if I want to, thing is that I don't want to stop. It's as simple as that.
i dont smoke. but i get what you are saying. ...but i love beer :(
Beer nom <3

The good stuff is always controlled by the government and multinational corporations.

If you're hardcore, you can grow your own tobacco/weed, and brew your own beer/moonshine.

And I like OE malt liquor, but I don't think I could ever brew it myself you know.

It's is however easier to buy it. (Or steal if you're ballsy)


Back when Cuba's revolution was more people minded rather than money minded, Che and Fidel smoked cigars from Cohiba, which is now super corporate from what I hear.


Something to think about eh?

im kinda punk i guess lol but marlboro reds, ahhh god i love them things, i can say im addicted, so what? its life shit happens and i chain smoke like a demon, who fucking cares?

Can you call yourself free and check email a million times a day, and pay an extra $20 for unlimited texting? Sure, thats your choice aint it? Nobodys making anyone smoke no more than anyones making you look at those ad's on your right. 




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