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So, is it just me, or is it really possible for you to call yourself a punk and smoke some Marlboros? Cigarette companies are pretty much the definition of a crooked big company business. Killing people by the masses to make money. If you grow your own tobacco, or roll your own cigarettes, as long as you're not addicted, I can respect that much more. Also, I don't quite understand having and addiction and being punk. It's ok if you're trying to break past habbits or addictions, that's completely admirable. But you cannot call yourself free and drink a shitton of coffee and chain smoke.

Does that make sense or am I talking out of my ass?

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i agree with steve. i totally see what youre saying fivel, but fact is its your choice. and not everyone who smokes gets addicted. i smoked for a long time, then i qui no problem. started again later and stopped two monhs after that, then started again, got addicted, but then decided to quit cause the boyfriend didnt like kissing my smoke breath. after a week i was fine wih out them. and  you can call yourself free when ever you want. you know the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? well everything is in the eye of the beholder. you see everything in your eyes, so if you see it, then o your world its true. if in your opinion, youre free, why should anyone try and tell you you are wrong. if youre satisfied, let it be.

Well I do agree that people should have a choice and I know that we all do have the choice. And it doesn't bother me if people smoke, if it what they want, then go for it. The only thing I'm saying is that I think that it's hypocritical to call yourself a "punk" and to smoke cigarettes. Really what I was trying to do with this post was to not boycott cigarettes or drinking or punks or rights or choices, but to get people to consider what they are actually fighting for and then to consider their actions. Does that make sense?

On this discussion people are all like "Imma do the fuck I wanna do blahblahblah" (not really but kinda). I'm not telling people how to live, I'm just questioning their motives and then questioning their actions. I'm not trying to threaten anyone, I just want people to take a step back and look at themselves. How can you really call yourself free after you are an addict? This discussion was also inspired by Mischief Brew's song Coffee, God, and Cigarettes, and I suggest everyone to listen to it because it may help explain where I am coming from on top of it just being a kick ass song and band :)

Whenever you use the term addicted, you keep associating it with substances. What about non-substance related addictions. Are you saying you can't be punk or free if your addicted to sex, gambling, computers, or even workaholics.

In the comment you replied to I didn't reference anything specific when I said "an addict". I was speaking generally. So of course it covers any other type of addict that might be out there considering being an addict causes you to crave something and that you can't function without it. So in that sense, you're not free if you're bound by your addiction, make sense?


that song is amazing everyone should defo lisen to it as far as the convo goes i like to have a cigarette but i roll my own i dont buy big packs of pre rolled i dont need one but i find it nice to have after like a good meal or just when im socializing same for the booze i love as much as the next guy to go out on a saturday night and have a few cans with my mates and that i dont have to but i chose too but i do see your point that if you feel the need or the crave to hae thoses things anything in a sense of a crave is definitively a little hypocritical if your trying to say that your free and you have no masters or such and such because if your addicted to something you are its slave and if you are a slave you have a master in any shape or form and that is contrary to the general anti authority or just free lifestyle that punk tends to bring into people as well as i can see the point of people who are like fuck it il do it anyways because thats how i view myself as free to choose to smoke or wtv else and on that note rant over lol :) 

Well, to start off, if you're drinking beer or anything like that, one thing you can do is buy from your local brewery, and smoking... Well fuck, it's a consumer habbit I'm ashamed to admit, just like my love of Coca-Cola.

Saying punks shouldn't buy alcohol, coffee and cigs is like saying  punks have to hunt there food with spears, not use electricity, build huts out of sticks and mud. As much as some corporations suck and are corrupt, In todays society its impossible to survive comfortably without them. All punk rock uses instruments and ways to record made by different companies. This rant sounds more straight-edge, then anti-corporate. but still respect your views.

Lol, that is a whole other rant entirely about being cavemen for me, but we won't get into that :)

And being straight edge, which I'm not anyway, has nothing to do with it. It's about moderation and living without the need of anything else. The anti-corporate thing pretty much only needs to be said once anyway. haha, ya know? Everyone knows smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, can lead to an early death, or can just fuck up your body in general, but my point is people that call themselves a "punk" still buy into this major corporation that kills millions of people. Everyone knows that so they don't usually argue it. What they do tend to argue is that they're free to do as they please. Which I agree with. If you're lucky enough to be free, please take advantage of it! You know? But what if people that smoke cigarettes just smoked their last cigarette? What happens if they don't buy another pack or smoke another cigarette? That jonesing is basically what takes away your freedom of feeling however you want to feel because the only thing you can think of that would make you feel better is a cigarette.

ive only met 2 true anarcho punks and there fuckin terrifying. haha, like i saw them camping in the woods up north and tried being nice and shit and i got bombarded with insults because of what i was wearing and shit. if you truly hate cooperations, take off your shirt, stop smoking, take off your jackets and shoes, stop using soap and kill an animal, make your jacket, make your soap, make your everything. to be so nieve as to say you hate cooperations is basically saying you hate EVERY SINGLE THING that 99.5% of EVERYONE WE ALL KNOW wears and uses. sad truth is, everything we have is owned by cooperations. i love Guiness and i use a cig roller to roll cigs which is Golden havest filters/paper and golden harvest tobacco.  dont get me wrong, i love camels and PBR beer but the truth is, its next to impossible to live easily without living from cooperate goods.

Haha, exactlyyyy. 

Talkin' out of your ass. It's okay though, most of us punks do at some point. Big thing to remember man, freedom of choice and the responsibility of accepting those consequences. There's always somebody tryin' to prove a point by exploiting the fucked up shit you do to yourself.. some advocacy group or politically charged assholes tryin' to spin the facts of the situation to support their cause. Don't get suckered into the shit. If you smoke, who cares? You can say I'm a slave to corporations for smoking and killing myself for their profits, but really, when I drink a pint of suds and light up a smoke, I can salute the fine people over at the tobacco industry and beer companies for fighting so valiantly against 6000 years of oppression from the clergy to the modern progressive health nazis. Do what ever you want, just be prepared to deal with the reality of what that means in any case.

Punk is just a haircut, be yourself.


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