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So, is it just me, or is it really possible for you to call yourself a punk and smoke some Marlboros? Cigarette companies are pretty much the definition of a crooked big company business. Killing people by the masses to make money. If you grow your own tobacco, or roll your own cigarettes, as long as you're not addicted, I can respect that much more. Also, I don't quite understand having and addiction and being punk. It's ok if you're trying to break past habbits or addictions, that's completely admirable. But you cannot call yourself free and drink a shitton of coffee and chain smoke.

Does that make sense or am I talking out of my ass?

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Haha, right?
How about i do what ever the fuck i want to do...I"M FREE to do whatever i feel i want to trying to make rules and guidelines for punk doesn't make you very punk either, now does it?

why did i picture you ripping your shirt off like the hulk and running out your door and across a field? 




... I'm a fucking weirdo.

No you're not, that was awesome. Now I imagined the same thing.
Haha, no it doesn't, but I never said I was a punk or even an anarchist. And that's fucking awesome if you feel like you're free, you should do as you please. Also I never made any guidelines silly, all I did was say that it was hypocritical. I just feel that what a definition punk would believe is to be free and to support the people of the world so that it would lead to a greater today and tomorrow. Am I wrong for believing that? If you want to smoke, I couldn't honestly give a fuck what you did with your own life and do whatever makes you happy. But if someone is going to define their lifestyle as "punk" than I would hope that the least they would recognize that we are what drives this world and being a role model would entail not being a hypocrite against your own beliefs and what you preach.

If we shouldn't support "the people of the world" at all, I don't think cigarettes alone would do it. Then we should boycot every single thing you can buy and become cave men.

I may say that I enjoy the luxurious life.

Lol, that's kinda my point. I was leaning towards mountain men as opposed to cavemen though :)

Really, I honestly just don't believe anarchy can/does exist, or yes, we'd all be DIY roughin it.

And about the whole "people of the world" thing, I was using that as to define the ideals of a "punk" and wasn't trying to relate that to smoking cigarettes. But you are right, to make everyone stop smoking cigarettes wouldn't do it alone.


But think about it... it could be awesome tryin' to live as a cave man (or mountain man). You know, hunting and killing and collecting your own food, making your food on open fire, making clothes out of the fur and skin of the animals you've already eaten the flesh of...

See that's DIY! :D

Hahaha, fuck yeah.


hm yeah i get where ur coming from but freedom is doing what u want, and if smokings what u wanna do then....
Yeah, you are right. But I guess it just makes me kinda sick to my stomach when people "neeeeed" a substance to help them function through their own life. You know? I just don't understand how that can be considered as being free when you're held down from fully functioning as your own self without a morning cup of coffee or a cigarette or two. I'm not condemning anyone, they can do as they please and I hope they do. All I really wanted to do was to bring this to attention.


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