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So, is it just me, or is it really possible for you to call yourself a punk and smoke some Marlboros? Cigarette companies are pretty much the definition of a crooked big company business. Killing people by the masses to make money. If you grow your own tobacco, or roll your own cigarettes, as long as you're not addicted, I can respect that much more. Also, I don't quite understand having and addiction and being punk. It's ok if you're trying to break past habbits or addictions, that's completely admirable. But you cannot call yourself free and drink a shitton of coffee and chain smoke.

Does that make sense or am I talking out of my ass?

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I'm working on it.


... im just not that hardcore yet :P

Oh ok. I'll try harder next time to satisfy you.
oh stop being so fucking PC :)
wow. That sure does sound like a whole bunch of rules about being a punk.

I never said any rules? I just said it was contradicting to the lifestyle.

The promoting of smoking is morally bankrupt (due to the undeniable evidence of damage & suffering caused by it and its addictive nature).  Personally, I'd argue the point from reasoning rather than labels, although I can see your connection between 'punk' being against business exploiting peoples' addictions for profit while ignoring the huge consequences.


I think it hits a raw nerve with many who just want to enjoy themselves and so there will be many flippant or aggressive responses rather than reasoned ones.

Hahahaha, thank you! That's pretty much what I figured. And yes, I completely agree with you about reasoning verses the "punk" label. Honestly, what I was trying to fight was the label (and of course cigarette companies) which is why I chose to use that. No one likes being called out, especially if someone is trying to call them out on their lifestyle. It's just a horrible feeling. But we all have our vices, we wouldn't be human if we didn't. I just think it's silly when people promote a "punk" lifestyle and preach against being controlled.... and then are controlled by their own addiction. I replied to a previous post that it just makes me sick when people say that they "neeed" coffee or "neeeed" a cigarette to help them feel like they can move forward with the day. I just would hope people could move forward without assistance.
A hippy farm? Can you harvest those?
We live in a corporate society, sometimes we need to co-operate with the monster. As much as it kills me to get a coffee from tim hortons, or buy a pack of smokes from a store, that's what we live in. An alternative, if it's possible for people, would be to smoke reserves.
fuck rules there should be no guidlines not trying to sound like an anarchist but live for yourself ! i drink and smoke npt for the need but the want, the good times and interaction with good people. i gotta buy food because i dont have the rescources to produce it myself it doesnt mean im giving into cosumerism its a way of life and with our world its not even giving into sometging but wats are alreadt set we dont have to follow it but its not like we can just start over as grear as tgt would be we have to just go with it.
we are humans in an already corrupt state and gotta do alot morr than complaining bout stoges to cgange that
i think you might be talking out of your ass or maybe just reading into shit just a bit much. think of it this way drinking and smoking is something you can control some people choose to chain smoke and stay drunk constantly because they want to not because they feel they have to.


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