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oi every one i'm sone going to check my sight and i maybe have to waer glasses! so now i shuld be relly happy if the punks on this side whit glasses can send some pics so i culd se more punks than just me whit glasses, tnx :D

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I called some dominatrix girl ''lenscrafters'' cause she was wearing glasses. And she told me "Hey asshole"
Haha, old thread, but I'm mega blind, so I'm adding my 2 cents. I'm a color blind, visually impaired artist, ftw! I used to wear contacts, but slept in them too much and fucked up my eyes a bit, so had to stop wearing them. It's been about 3 years now and when I get money I'm gonna try contacts again. It's nice to go swimming and see! I think some glasses look bad, but most the time if you can rock a nice pair with confidence it's pretty sexy.
Pots agrees.
Haha I wouldn't be too upset. I wear glasses and yes it get's quite annoying at shows because I either pay the damn $4 to check them, leave them home, or pray they aren't ruined during the show. Or ofcourse there's the obvious option of getting contacts.
i am suppossed to wear glasses, but don't because i need new one, and can't afford them yet. as for contacts i can't wear them. i had them for a bit when i was a teen, and even though i cleaned them like i should, and cared for them the way you are suppossed to they always give me a really bad eye infection. i guess my eyes reject them or something, so they are out of the question.
Mine did that when I got pregnant, I haven't been able to wear contacts since. I'm getting ready to go to the eye doctor and talk to him about it though, I get tired of glasses all the time :(
i switched over to contacts. I was a bit weirded out by putting stuff in my eyes but in the end i wish i would have switched to them a long time ago.

or get the glasses that have the black plastic frames.
yeah man i wear mine when i drive or when im schoolio :)
i cant see far away.... yous?
welp big punk nerd with glasses i guess, most guys say there hot...

yep they really are


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