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i am new to this all and the porcess for almost all hawks is simple it is the death hawk that i find elusive i hope i have cut my hair right it is putting it up that i cant seem to find a way i undre stand some hellp please

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Tease the fuck out of it
Aha Idk. I have real thick hair. mine stays up almost on its own. I just hairspray and blowdry real quick. so bringing our answers together.....tease and hairspray the hell outta it??
look up videos on you tube.

I already asked this question and recieved a great description of how to do it from VooDoo Drunk.


Here's the link:

They make teasing combs. You should be able to find them at your local beauty supply.

What I do, instead of teasing, cause frankly, I hate teasing, is first make sure the hair is dry and not oily. Spray a light layer of hairspray all over. vigorously rub your fingers through it. Then, I take a comb and pull like seriously a half an inch worth of hair from the front of my hawk, like, with the comb parallel to your forehead and pull it up almost like you are doing a fan (just not pulled as tight). Spray the front and back of the hair and blow dry. And then just work back in the same manner until you've done your whole head.

Also, to do the next section, I'll pull it out towards the back with the comb and spray the top (this is the part that will be butted up against what you've already done) then pull it up.

Once you have your whole head done, it's rather moldable, arrange to your liking then finish spray.

just give it a blow dry upside down, straighten it then backcomb and hairspray :) its goes all fluffly but put gel on ends if you want it spikey innit ^_^


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