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How do you react with people who stare at your mohawk?

Is your mohawk ever in the way?

Do you dress like a punker all the time?

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1. if they look just interested, I look the other side and keep going on...
it they laugh or say something bad, I keep looking until they remember it's not polite!

2. no... I don't use to put it up... I just do it when I go to some great show...

for two reasons: 1 - I don't have a car and it's difficult to go by bus with a 30cm mohawk touching the seeling... 2 - I work! I can't go work with it up...

3. I've got a skater style... but I'm 20 years old... I'm an adult and I feel stupid going out with spikers and stuff!

I dress pretty normal... jeans, skater shoes, a nice t-shirt, maybe a nice jacket... I like basic!!

haha! duude! i can totally relate to this. yeah when i rest my head on a couch or anywhere its really a pain in the ass your neck gets sore after a while. a mohawk is a big responsibility hehe!


How do you react with people who stare at your mohawk?
smile, greet them politely, make silly faces, or ignore them.... just depends on their age and how im feeling that day. little kids used to point out how cool my hair was and the bright colors... I would tell them that my hair was this bright because parents are secretly super heroes.

Is your mohawk ever in the way?
Driving really pisses me off. we don't really have good public transportation in my city so you can either drive or walk... and it being larger than the city of Los Angeles... i usually drive. 
oh and ive never tried this... but i assume cuddling with someone would be really difficult with a mohawk... which makes me sad... I'm like a huge cuddle slut.  

Do you dress like a punker all the time?
Nah, i wish i had the money/time for cool clothes. 

Duude i love your reasoning to little kids. The little kids i see just stare or point out my hair and the parents take them away thats when i had purple though.


Driving pisses me off too.and cuddling..hmm i havent tried that yet...

1) Depends on their actions , if its a nice compliment smile and be polite, joke a little.

If they are being dicks, with sarcastic responses. Then I be a dick back. But usually day to day, Ignorance is bliss especially when you got music. Everythings at peace

2) Eh, its in the way in a car.

But day to day, its not so much in the way for me but in the way for people!

3) My usual dress; black shirt, denim jacket or leather jacket. and 2 year old jeans that look like 20 year old jeans.

Yeah music helps alot.all the time.

leather jackets are so expensive man and idk how people decorate em. im not that experienced!

How do you react with people who stare at your mohawk?

My mohawks are barely ever up - they've actually only been up once so far. I still think they're too short.

But I don't mind people staring at me or at my hair, I'm rather used to it, sometimes I don't even notice it.

Is your mohawk ever in the way?

As said, they're barely ever up AND they're short, so not really. But when they get long... yes, they will be in the way. Especially when I'm going to sleep.

Do you dress like a punker all the time?

Well, what people define as a punker, I'd have to say yes. But I don't really like to put myself in a box, you know... but I'd have to say yes, I do dress like a punker everyday. Sometimes more "extreme" than other days. But that's how I like it.

Yeah same here or i act like i dont notice. i dont put mine up too much because its alot of work for one and idk im too lazy. i like the look up or down.


i start to laugh when i notice people looking. so i put my shades on even if im in a store haha.

yeah my hawk is in the way when i go to get water in my mouth to swish around after brushing the teeth. it hits the mirror all the time.

punk-ish about 30% of the time, thats only when i have some where to go. other then that i work all week so its just what ever torn up jeans i have and a band shirt. hawk is never up during the week. only weekends
as far as boots, i never wear them cause i live in texas...its hot here. and i ride bmx all the time. so boots would kill me.

awwws haha why do you put your shades on?


How do you react with people who stare at your mohawk?

- I generally don't react unless it's blatantly obvious, then I just smile at them.. If they say something about it, it's usually a compliment or a question. I don't think anyone has said anything offensive to me yet..

Is your mohawk ever in the way?

- My hawk is almost ALWAYS in the way when I'm driving! And when it's windy. And when I'm cold and want to put my hood up. And when I go to kiss someone cuz I wear it forward. There's a long list. But hair is always in the way somehow. You just gotta make sure you think the style is worth the trouble! : )

Do you dress like a punker all the time?

- I don't usually dress like a "punker," but it's difficult to recognize your own style, you know? I'm usually in a tank or spaghetti strap and jeans or AE guy's shorts. On a good day a polo. Haha. Any more questions?

yeah i understand. i get the same things.


yeah agreed :D




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