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i stubbed my toe today and it hurt. I didnt get a cleaning clothe with my glasses and they are all smuggy.

Here's a short one: I fucking hate bleeding from my crotch.

me too

me three I actually cut my cock in a bike accident once lol lucky for me it was just a small gash that was 3 kids ago so yes it works super perfect lol

i need some advice!!!!!

so there is a guy who i like alot but he always tells me he doesnt like my piercings or what color i want to dye my hawk and sometimes how i dress, i just want to know if other ppl think that it's even worth it or should i wait till i find someone who likes all of thatt about me???

Not worth it.

yea, not worth it. Keep in mind, nobody will ever find the "perfect" guy or girl, but if they WERE perfect, would ya even want em? :P

trueee. thanks:)

you should wait. definitely. sounds like hes a dick to you.
You should only be with someone who loves you for YOU. What you wear or what you have pierced should not be a factor in your relationship.

You know what grinds my gears? people who tear holes in their clothes to TRY and look trashy on purpose! If I may quote colin abrahall; "very middle class america"

I agree to this. I got written up a few weeks ago for having holes in my pants and i told the lady look I cant afford new pants so i patch up the ones i make and her response was " oh so you didn't make those holes on purpose" -.- yes i ripped tons of holes in my crotch on purpose and used like 10 different patches to fix it cause i felt like it :D


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