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Hi all, pulled of my best fan yet last week, opinions? :D

DOn't mind my cheek, i was chewing gum, so it looks totally retarded. :P

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Looks like you're gettin pretty good! Pretty consistent, no real gaps or anything. Tips look nice and straight and not that "curled over" problem like people sometime tend to get. The only little thing I would try to work on is that little part near the back of the neck, but that's always difficult even for those of us with more experience fanning. I've had my hawk for 5 years on and off (mostly on) and I still can't get it right most of the time.

I'd rate it maybe an 8-9 because I'm sure there is something about it you will improve as you go and you will keep getting better as you keep practicing. 

Keep up the good work, man!

Thanks dude, means alot!

The fan looks nice. It is a personal preference, but I like mine cut shorter in the back compared with the top half, it always made it easier to put up.


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