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Anybody read any good books? I'm working on this,i guess it would young adult series "among the __" like "among the free" and "among the hidden" i just picked it up on a shelf at the library and it sparked my intrest.

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Americana unreason sounds good I will have to add it to my list.
Stieg Larsson's girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy is what got me reading. Great tension throughout!
I saw the original film and it was just amazing made me want to read the book.
My brothers recommended the books the to me so I refused to watch the films first. I still haven't seen them. The weird thing is that on the cover of the third film, Salander (main character) has a 'hawk, which is never mentioned in any of the book.
Lol yeah thats why my friend wanted me to see the movie she was like " there is this punk rock dark gothic looking chick in this movie i just saw and she reminds me of you !! " so i was then forced to watch the movie but i enjoyed it alot
I love anything by stephen king right now im reading the dead zone.
I just started re-reading IT, im to the part where Patrick gives Henry a Handjob and puts the animals in the refrigerator.

My favorite book of all time is The Outsiders by S.E Hinton.! Awsome fucking book! its was my mother favorite when she was a teenager and even named my older brother after a character in it. Dally, my brothers name is Dallas :D
I recently read a zombie book called "The forest of hands and teeth." It was pretty good, and a fairly quick read. My favorite series is probably the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. If you're into english, fantasy, and puns, you'll love it.
120 Days Of Sodom. great fuckin book. anything by Marquis DeSade is always good.

i mostly read battletech/mechwarrior novels

Bury Me Standing is a great book on gypsy culture. I picked it up because my great-grandfather and beyond were gypsies. Also, the girl with the dragon tattoo and that series is awesome.

Fight Club is my favorite book pretty much ever. I also love Stargirl by Spinelli and Snuff. I just got Pygmy for christmas so I'll post on how that is later. :] Palahniuk is amazing.


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