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Anybody read any good books? I'm working on this,i guess it would young adult series "among the __" like "among the free" and "among the hidden" i just picked it up on a shelf at the library and it sparked my intrest.

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not sure what kind of books you are into, but i love v.c. andrews, and terry goodkind
Candide by Voltare
hee *Adult Books

terry goodkind is a good adult fantasy writer. my husband got me reading him. it doesn't have a lot of sex stuff in them, i mean there is some, but it's not the whole book you know. i am reading the sword of truth series by him now, and love it.

I love to read right now i'm reading a book called " The age of american unreason" quite a good book. Its about how america is becoming more and more stupid and were accepting it and stuff like that i highly recommend it. I also just downloaded some 300 other books and i have a good amount on my book shelves. I prefer books on science and books to teach myself and to get more knowledge or the classics :) i'm a sucker for a good classic.
the republic by plato is good so far, its what i am reading now, A Clockwork Orange is great also. Prince by Machiavelli is another good one.
oh i loved the prince i have it on my top shelf really good book :)
Mine is on the top shelf as well. that's a hard spot to earn seeing as it is competing with over 250 books.
lol mine too its up next to war and peace and one of my favorites Jane Eyre. I have a lot of books i just love books.I don't know how people cant its knowledge. Its like saying "hey i want to be stupid"
yea I read constantly. I love you learn. There is no knowledge I don't desire. It may seem like an over used term but knowledge is power. and who doesn't love power? Do you have a favorite book? mine is A Clockwork Orange.
I read A Clockwork orange for my 9th grade end of term english project. Its a hard read but i like it! Im the same way i love to learn, when in grade school and my junior high years i would read the encyclopedias in te classrooms during free time. Eh what can i say
I completely agree. If we just all let stupidity take over then our world will be worse then what it already is. Knowledge can be lost and people need to see that. Well i have some favorites but not one that is my all time favorite. Some of those include Anthem, Jane Eyre of course, The age of american unreason ( i couldn't agree with this book more ) and psychology of a funeral service.


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