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anyone on ere going, its fucking imense 4 days of punk yeeaaaa

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se you their! :)
defo going got nowere to fucking sleep though anyone know a place
Well, you can hope but it's going to be hard getting somewhere for you and all your mates going with you.
i aint found a place either yet, i think darcy has though... i found a good hotel near the venue and fairly cheap, i'll let ya know when i find it again
good also are we all meeting up going down on the same train or you pussys taking the9h coach you cant drink on
yer rite i aint goin on coach haha darcy and clair are though... i'm leaving on wednesday morning, my dads going to rebellion aswell so gonna get the train up with him (cuase he paid fer me) from woking

what time you getting their? so i can meet ye cause darcy n clair n who ever else is is coming on the thursday
hahahahahaha you serious yea were comin down on wendnesday too and dude were you staying
haha yea man, and still aint got that sorted !! erm prob will be last minute... for the thrid year lol


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