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anyone on ere going, its fucking imense 4 days of punk yeeaaaa

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its in blackpool 5-6th auguts, like 200 bands playin... rumours of bad religion!! and around £100 pretty good
correction 4th-7 roughly
Went last year and I'm going again this year.

Last year I'd torn up my knee and ankle right before I went. Try four days of pogo-ing and moshing on one good leg!
last year was great... still no news about bad religion playing though

shit that musta hurt, when i was seing the adicts i got pissed on!! haha not good
going this year with darc who you know and another m8 of ours stitch and sum other people we know well meet up with you donw there
nice one sounds good, we where at a gig yester day, fuckin' good band
want to go but no git from home will go apart from one mate that will only go on the day cro mags play sod it might just go on my tod we will just end up pissed and sleeping on the beach
get two week/end tickets-when you get their tie him up, gagg him and force him too stay or teabagg him xD

hahahaha most people go and end up getting so pissed an' missing the band they went too see, you of to cock sparrer?
everyone be on the look out for tyranosaurus alan (or how ever u spell it) fuckin brutal ska punk rap band there so good they made me cream :P
haha i heard of them, they live near me too, futures is a good one, yeh i'd reccommend them to anyone, didn't know they where at rebellion festival though :D

me and a mate had an idea of dressing as power rangers and hiring mobility scooters and running riot on them LOL
Fuckin' A!


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