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How many relationships have you been in? Do you find that people dont find you attractive because of your hair or how you dress? What sort of people do you go for? Are you in one now?

I have just been rejected. Again.

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im in a really good relationship right now.
his name is collin. he got a mohawk cuz he heard from me that thats my weakness in a guy. is a mohawk.
and i have always had that little girl fantasy i guess you could say where i would be in a relationship and we would be mohawk lovers.
hes really cool with it.

this is my 1st relationship. i dont really give a fuck if someone finds me attractive or not. well heh ovcourse if im attracted to them ^_^. but really. looks shouldnt matter at all. im more of the personality type of person.
i mean looks matter a little but i want to disagree so badly to what i just wrote.
i go for the nice and funny people. and really caring people who have alot to say and are good listeners.
I have been in three longer ones with boys and a few shorter ones with boys and girls.
Mostly i notice this very strange thing that first of all they flirt with me and are so exited about dejting a punk girl they record cds for me or whatever and seem really in to it and then after some months it start coming that they really like long haired girls *hint hint* that they like girly girls, that they like shaved legs, that they like normal clothes on a girl.... etc!
I never felt that anyone see me as less attractive i´m always the one who have most admirers and when i´m single it s to much to choose from.
I have dejted very diffrent people from geeks to doctor students to sportsfans to models and right now mr exentric.
I´m dejting a french author musician kinda guy since more then half a year and this is the first time i´m dejting anyone as crazy as myself. dont know if its the same in other countries that they say that you should find your opposite? thats a lye!
Hope you will find someone who will accept you for who you are and that keep doing that dont fall for the pressure that "its time to grow up and let your hair grow out"! Lots of hugs
I've been in about 5 relationships. First one was with a girl for about 5mo. Left me for a guy. Then I dated a long time friend of mine very briefly, no harm done, we're still friends.
I dated this punk kid for over a year, that ended badly haha. And then rebounded terribly with this whigger asshole.
I've been with the guy I'm with now over a year, he's a sweetheart.

I think a lot of guys look at me like I'm a dude haha just in the way of, I'm not a girly girl. I skip showers (c'mon Imma crustie! hahaha) I'm kind of a hippie. I don't think most people look at me in the way if being attractive, just weird. I like my dirty smelly clothes thanks!!!

Don't feel bad man, bitches suck. People are all kinds of messed up, so be patient. It takes a while for those of us who are individuals, take longer to find someone who is worthwhile and accepts you for who you are.
1. Not sure what counts and what doesn't. I've been in some kind of romantic/sexual situation with a lot of people, I have a wide variety of people I like.

2. People from my hometown don't seem to like it and I find people online every now and then. I suspect it has more to do with my weight than my hair or clothes.

3. Like I said, I have a wide variety. Male, female, short, tall, most ages and all colors. I generally go for short round type girls and guys with beards.

4. I've been married a little over a year. I picked a good guy I think. :)


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