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Well, I never really thought it would come to this. The police have my description, and being the only punk in my town doesn't help the subtlety. I'm not too concerned about that, but Iv'e thought it over and the only way out is to shave my mohawk off. After a year of growing it out and putting it up almost every day, it feels almost like having a beloved pet put to sleep. 

So my question is this. Did any of you have to shave it off? If so, why, and how did you deal with it?

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I've shaved it many times, but I didn't take it as hard, it's just hair to me. Look at it this way, it opens a door to trying out other hair styles

I cut mine off about 10 days ago. It's not really that bad, kinda refreshing. It was a little weird at first but then you get used to it. The way i looked at was that it's just hair, you can always grow it back out. The only bad part about it is yer friends reactions. Good luck. 

cut mine off not too long ago. I just can't keep one while im in college... its not that there are any rules against it... im just too lazy to put the effort into styling it all the time cause i know its just going to get fucked up after my sports classes. 

There are plenty other hairstyles that im willing to try, so i wasn't too upset. plus looking on the bright side, its a whole lot easier to drive my car now. :P 

got rid of mine last year for similar reasons.  Was weird looking in the mirror afterwards but got used to it.  Plus I got to wear some really rad hats to cover it up!

Gonna have to say goodbye to mine after the summer probably. Most schools unfortunately don't approve of mohawked history teachers.

I just shaved mine off a week ago. I did it for a couple reasons, one because I felt it was time to let my hair grow back in and partly to please my now ex boyfriend. He didn't like the hawk but hated the shaved even more.
I feel like im missing an important part of my self now and kinda dislike how my hair looks mostly buzzed. Like a couple people have said already it is just hair and it'll grow back but it just doesn't feel like my self with out it.
That's my take on it at least. I also find it kinds funny that I haven't logged on in a while, then I choose to come on to see if there is anything about shaving off the hawk and your post is on the first page.

ive had mine for a year. i cut it off cause i didnt feel like trimming it down. plus i wanted to do a different hair style. now its just my bangs and chops and the rest is shaved. i like it alot

I just cut my most recent one off a few days ago that was about 3 inches tall. I've had the hawk for almost 5 years, every now and then buzzing it and regrowing it right away just to start over with fresh hair. I cut it off because I've been feelin pretty down lately and it always looks stupid at that stage because of my double crown. It was giving me a fit trying to put it up so out of frustration, I broke out the clippers. I kind of lost my motivation to spike it so I didn't do it very often and didn't really like the way it looked down. I kind like my head shaved and I kinda dont, if you know what I mean.

Since I've been in my bummed out mood, I've been thinking about changing when it grows out some. I usually can't wait for the next chance to get my hawk back because I absolutely can not stand my hair after it grows past an inch or so, but this time I don't know. I'm thinking that doing something else will maybe bring me out of my mood and if/when I do get another hawk, I might be more enthused about it and actually want to put it up more.

Its not that bad, a little strange at first but you soon get used to it. I'm always growing mohawks for  for awhile then chopping it off, i'm just lucky my current job allows to me have one.


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