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Ive been doing some research on scarification and branding and searching for its cultural roots, ive found some interesting stuff, and i had and ex bf who did it unprofessionally but it still looked really cool when he was done. But it seems whenever i mention it in conversation about tattoos or weird piercings and stuff like that, people get really freaked out and tend to ask if im masochistic or "why the fuck would you do that?", I get "freak" so much anyways that its a regular nickname now. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this educated or not? I'd like to see where this social taboos position is with a different crowd. Is it really that weird? o-O

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I love this topic personally I see.nothing wrong with it to me its the same as getting tattoos and body peircings its taboo to the mainstream culter but thare not normally on our side but meh I say what you want and only yer kind of ppl will exsept it. And branding and carving started in african tribes mosetly as a right of passeg and some aztech ppl did it as well.

thanks its good to know im not the only who thinks that, i find it to be very symbolic more so than piercing or even tattoos. i see more and more people getting them just to be "cool". i love that the subject still has a culturally raw stench about it, its quite intoxicating as an artist.

still taboo but awesome as vagina


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