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I want to make a post about selling stuff online because quite frankly, I want to start doing it but I don't know where to begin. I've heard about using social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) making your own website and using other websites (such as etsy) but I want to hear what you all think. Is anyone already doing it? Or thinking about it? Or maybe an online marketing guru?

Any and all advice is welcome and hopefully a few of y'all can help out the cause! I'm sure there's quite of few other folks on here who have wondered the same thing because I'm sure everyone can use some extra scrilla.

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 Use etsy. People go on there looking to spend money, so it's easy to get quite a bit for a piece. 

It could also depend on what type of art, DIY, crafts you're wanting to sell!

DeviantArt and Tumblr seems to be the places for digital artists to sell digital work, photography, and the like.

Etsy seems to be good for crafts and DIY clothing from what I hear, I honestly don't poke about that site very often though.  I poke through eBay now and again, and I've seen DIY shops set up there.

I also recall when Smarmy Clothing first opened online as a standalone DIY shop, and she "affiliated" herself with other DIY online clothing shops to network traffic to and from other online stores.  She really took off (and rightfully so, I love her work!) just through networking, I think!

Good luck, link us to your work if you decide to set up shop, and keep us posted! 


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