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Hey guys, I can currently get my mohawk up fine using usual technique (got2b + hairdryer). Just after some advice on washing out the spray. When I take a shower it is fucking horrible to get out, I rinse it through and shampoo it a few times, but find it is still very tangled and matted (can't get a comb through it at all). When I put conditioner through it, it all off a sudden becomes manageable and untangled. I comb it a few times and wash out the conditioner and its all fine.

But heres the thing, loads of you guys swear by NOT conditioning, and I'm just wondering how you manage to do this? Because I think without conditioner my hair may stay up that bit longer when I go out which would be sweet.


Also, can anyone tell me a substitute for "Aquanet", I dont think anywhere here in the UK sells it :(


Ciao! lozz.



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I myself always shampoo and condition right before I put up my hair. I haven't had any problem with hold (8 1/2 inch mohawk and I've kept it up for a week at the longest with a little bit of touch up hairspray after waking up) but maybe that is just me? I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner for color'd hair since I dye my hair fairly often and use got2b freeze spray for putting my hair up (with comb+blowdryer of course).
hey well first off i either use got2b freezing spray which is pretty good i tried Aquanet once but it didn't make my hair stiff it just made it all floppy and one thing i use to put in my hair and its actually never given me a problem which would be elmers glue which i can keep in there for atleast a week but when i wash my hair i usually run the water over my hair for about 5-10mins and then it gets most of it out and then i put the shampoo in and run my fingers through my hair to get most of the big clumps out then i wash the shampoo out the i condition it which i don't know about other peoples hair but it makes mine fluffy and well that's how i do it hope i helped.
I use Garnier Fructis shampoo and Dove Daily Moisturizer Conditioner and wash out the conditioner while im still in the shower, my hair is hella long and it never gets tangly this way. i dont see a difference with how long my hair stays up with/without conditioner, it stays up like 3-5 days. i wash my hair this way when i dont have it up and when im washing it out too.


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