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   I deem that a host of people desire to hear about it especially freshers like me   :D

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oohhh so i was living in this really rich area of IL any everybody was snobby and didnt know what "punk" was so i shaved my head and the next guy who bullied got punched in the face so i kinda did it at first to freak people out but now i just re did it and i still love it so much cant imagine not having it now

RECENTLY, I quit my job later cuz of my boss, fuck him. Now I become a tattoo designer that ive wanted to be since i was in high school. I felt my life is full of daily pressure, I just wanna be a punk.I made many gud friends in this way, they are really nice to accept my mod appearance. I did a lotta piercing and tatto things, hope my friends on this site love my new look as much as the last one

FUCKN A with ya 100fuckn percent.  pierced an inked here man...FUCK YOUR OLD BOSS and FUCK THE RICH    Punks for life man

For me it started out after viewing a picture on the Internet of a guy with a Hawk that had a face very similar to mine. It was like love at first sight, and I just knew I wanted a Hawk then and there. But to start out with, I cut the sides to a #4 and left the Hawk at about and inch, so I guess you could say it was a Fauxhawk. Then from there, I just went progressively shorter on the sides and taller on the Hawk, and right now I usually cut the sides to a #1 and the Hawk is over 6". Where I live, I am the only one in literally 100 miles plus that has a Hawk, so starting from a Fauxhawk and moving slowly to a full Mohawk worked well, and I think it helps you at your place of Employment as your Employer and coworkers don't get too freaked out all at slowly moving from a Fauxhawk to a full Mohawk, they slowly realize how great it looks on you and are more accepting. Not that I care about "fitting in" or anything but if that makes it easier to become a Hawker then why not? 

I would like to fully shave my sides this summer, so am looking forward to that. I am growing Earlocks too, they are currently about four inches long. If you are considering trying a Hawk, but are maybe nervous what others will say, just start out like I did, and odds are you will love your Hawk later. If not, no problem, but you should always go for it. :-)

I d like to say that I prefer to shave both sides without earlocks, I think if u shave ur hair totally u l look tougher and cooler(u r truly tough anyway ) If u think u wanna rock it perfectly, maybe u should do it ASAP. Just my own prespective. :) 


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