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So i've had hawks on and off for the past 3 years and this one is getting the most serious, at a cool 5 inches but it goes through so much shit with bleaching,color,spray etc. much like any hawk. But i lack the money to get it trimmed up every month to keep it truly healthy so it can keep growing etc.

So im figuring that ill get it trimmed here soon and for the next 2 maybe 3 months just lay off the bleach,and not put it up just to give it time to grow and keep it "alive".

What do you guys think?

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I say go for it.

Don't want your 'hawk falling off on its own.

do it. i worry about my hair too. like when i put my hawk up and people fuck with it, i feel like they are breaking my hair. i havnt put mine up in a couple weeks, and have no money to get new hairspray.

just start fresh. trim or shave it and then just let it naturally grow back and maybe just leave your natural color.

better to not take any chances. otherwise your hawk probably wont stand as well over a while

how often do you bleach it?
Cut it short and then maybe invest in a pair of scissors and you can cut the sides with them  but i say  let it grow and stuff i worry about mine but i don't bleach it to often.
great hair vitamins work miracles,they sell them at vitamin shoppe they are a little expensive at 25 bucks but they last 2 months,and TRUST ME THEY WORK,my hair was all jacked up fell out even,,but I did the research then got the vitamins I'm on my 3rd bottle and my hair grew back shiny thick and really healthy,and the vitamins are actually called vitol Great hair with biotin 3,000 mcg.
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