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A misleading title always leads to curiosity.
Anyways I'm new here. I have an undercut on both sides of my head. It's pretty much a wannabe mohawk. I've been cutting my own hair for like the past 3 years. It's an idiot thing to do and I don't recommend it although until recently I never really cared what my hair looked like. It has led to my hair having a lot of awkward lengths in it. Pretty much really badly done layers. So since the sides are already partially shaved I want to know if I should take the plunge and get it done all the way.

I don't want to get it done and hate it, cause then I'm screwed and I wouldn't be able to wear it up all the time so what are some styles I could do when it's down?

Any recommendations on the type of mohawk that would look best? 

Any help is appreciated.

I attached a photo of what my hair looks like now.

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I think if you just cleaned up the sides a little more and shave the really long strand you have in front it'd look fine. If the mohawk itself is kind of long and your shaven area isn't too short, it looks good when all the hair in the hawk is flipped to one side. I've seen people wear them in buns and pony tails too.
As much as I hate the reasoning behind the Chelsea 'Hawk, you do have the face for it.
Go for it! It already looks like you have one.. Hair grows back, worst case scenario after a month or two you'll hair will look just like it is now again except much more healthy.

I vote leave the bangs/fringe, just buzz the sides and it will be great. Seeing as how your sides are already so short styling it while down is about same. You can do anything with it!
Go for it and get the chelsea if you want but you could go either way. With what to do while its down i put mine in bandanas, pony tails, flipped to the side, or a pompadour.
Normally I'd say ''shave that shit skin ass bald" but its looks really good tha way it is. IT WILL ALWAYS GRO BACK
I'm lazy, so here's my fb I have  a few pics of different ways I wear mine down that I think are cute and are really easy to accomplish.
get a favorite hat you can rock everyday

look on my profile u can do anything with ur hair in a mohawk

like anything just cuz u hav a hawk dont mean ur limited to only tht :P

and do it man ull bee suprized how much u love it


You can do the Sarahawk when its down, ask the member of this site Sheena Ramone about, look her up, ask her about the Sarahawk.


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