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So right now, im kind of thinking if i should keep it or not, i really love it and all, its just that sometimes i just want an "easier" hairstyle, right now it feels like alot of work etc, and i dont really know what to do. I love my hawk, but i lack motivation to evne put it up in the morning, perhaps i should jsut leave it down for a while? Have anyone else on here had this problem before? That they just dont feel like putting it up at all?

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It takes a while to grow out and the fuzzy period after is a bitch. That is one of the few reasons stopping me from shaving my head again. I miss mine a lot, but not having it is a lot easier and less time consuming. 

When I first had it I just wanted to say "fuck it *BUZZZZZZZZZZ*" but after I got more used to doing it not only was I getting quicker at it, but the time it took me to do it stopped bothering me.

Not like I had anything better to do for 15 minutes, you know?

Yeah Steve.
Currently takes me a bit over 20 mins to do my hawk i believe, but you know, if i could keep it up for a few days and make it look good, problem would be solved i guess 

its up to you man. personally i think mohawks are worth the effort but you have to make that call for yourself. ive had days where i all i could think of was cutting it only to have some cut girl compliment it or have some little kid point at me from across the restaurant and make me smile. only advise i would give is, try leaving it down for like a week before cutting it because you might end up missing it and its a bitch to grow back out.

*cute girl

KEEP IT !!!!! just leave it down for a bit. take a little one or two week brake from it... thats what i do!

The only thing that bothers me with my mohawk is that

1) I can't wear my favorite headphones without screwing it up (and I'm an internet radio DJ, It's my job to wear headphones)

2) I can't lay my head against the car's headrest without screwing it up. Same goes when I want to lay out on the coach or the bed.


I will shave it tough, because I'll meet some circumstances in july that will push me to shave it. But I think about getting it back...


My advise is: Don't shave it, make it shorter, Short mohawks (like 1 or 2/3 inches) are a lot more easyer to put up with some wax and savoir faire. Mine is like 2 inches tall and I only take 5 minutes to put it up. (and you can wear headphones and rest your head again !)

Well my way of thinking when it comes to hawks is.. go big or go home, at least for me haha, im keeping it i think. :D

KEEP IT !!!!!


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