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I really like my brothers best friend, i know he is insanely older then me by 9 years. there the only two things that seem like they are holding us back. I've liked him since i was 7 years old. He said that he wont just hang out with me though, without my brother or someone being there. I explained that I'm not going to just jump on him and be pushy because i know it wont help anything and even then it could hurt our normal friendship. So he told me next Friday we can do something together, like go to a movie. I know to treat it as where only friends, even though i don't want to. But after all of it i still feel like my feelings are a bit hurt that he didn't just want to spend time with me without my brother. it made me feel like I'm still a stupid little kid to him when i know I'm not. And honestly i don't know if my feelings should be hurt or not? so I'm asking all of you, should they be or no?

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short answer (NO),,,but how old are you two now? if I knew that I could give you more input
well he 9 years older then me and he's 25.
i don't think you should, plus he is being smart because you are only 16, and he could go to jail, so yeah if i was him i probably wouldn't want to hang out with you alone either. i don't think he is doing it to be mean to you.
I have to agree with dani BUT as you get older the age difference won't matter to much just think when your 21 he will only be 30,it doesn't look bad at all, the flip side is that he probably see you as a little sister thats probably the one main issue he has
see i understand, it's just the fact that hes known me since i was 4 even if were just around each other as friends i don't see the huge deal, i wouldn't try anything, besides he's my friend too having him leave my life would suck. but being friends doesn't land someone i jail or at least i hope no o.O
if hes your brothers friend and has been around this long, then you can expect him to be around a few more years right? but also no dont be hurt. some times things are better left as friends.


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