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In risk of sounding like a complete moron, what is a skinhead?
Seriously, people always talk about them, but I have no clue whatsoever what they are.

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hmm, i think it's strange that everybody cares so much about this. wheni hear the word 'skinhead,' i try to ignore it, because it's just another label. i'm not anit-labels, but when i meet someone, i try to judge them on how they impress me, not on what label or stereotype they want to be in, or other people say they are in. calling someone emo, goth, punk, skinhead, preppy, a jock, or nerd just seems irrellivant to my judgment on people.
I guess by looking at me i'd be a skinhead, i'm not by any means a racist nor am i an anarchist or a communist... i guess i just am what i am. i do feel that skins get a bad rep because of all the neo-nazi white supremacists, not all of them are like that, in fact i really don't know any white pride skins.
my boyfriend is a SHARP (skinheads against racial prejudice) skinhead, and i used to be before i remembered how much i loved being a punk

to us being a skinhead is about looking smart, fred perry polo shirts, check shirts, levi jeans with small turn ups, thin as fuck braces, brogues, dr marten boots (cherry red or black), denim skirts and fishnets for girls and chelsea's or feathercuts, grade 2 hair and sideburns, sta-pest trousers, tonic suits. the music is traditionally reggae, ska, rocksteady, northern soul with oi! and a bit of punk coming into in the 80's.
it's sad that a part of the skinhead culture is full of hate, but for me, as long as the general public know that real skinheads aren't racist, then it makes me feel better. ignorance breeds hatred
SHARP lol.....ask them how they liked getting stomped in DC lmao
It depends. (In my experience) a skinhead is most commonly used to mean a blatant white-supremacist. However, I've heard it simply used as a term for a bald person. So I suppose it depends.
a good true skinhead band is Perkele
even better one is Nordic Thunder
I never see skinheads anymore in Scotland - not since I was a kid. I don't think they exist anymore here in any numbers. Even less around than punks - I at least see an odd punk or two around nearly every city I go to.
to tell a propa true skinhead were cherry reds

What's the story behind 'cherry reds'?

eye thats about the same in Essex uv got the 1 or to skinheads but theres no punks me and ma m8s a really the only 1s round from where i am
you guys seriously all need to watch this is england, this is ska, and of course world of skinheads.

also you should watch the interview with prince buster.
awesome guy.

skinheads arent nazi's skinhead is a lifestyle a way of life.
it has nothing to do with race or music or the way you dress it has to do with the way you respect yourself and the way you live and work and respect other people without getting into the politics of who and what controls you.


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