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I haven't heard of that many people doing it, but when you do..Do you just add gel, spray, or nothing and go? I'm curious how long some hair products can last..

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I've had my hair up at longest for a week (although I don't really recommend it myself cause hairspray turns gross after about 5 days or so) Other than that though I just sleep, If I toss and turn I might have to respray a few parts here and there but nothing major. I sleep on my side or on my stomach so I've never really had that much of an issue sleeping with my Mohawk up.
Ditto. I use bed head hard head hairspray. It's flexible so even if you sleep on your hawk a little or roll on it too much it holds up really well. Just gotta do some touchups in the morning and off ya go.
Wow. Think got2b gel and spray will keep it up, and if I just use spray in the morning that'll do it?

I usually keep mine up between 3-8 days (there was a power outage that lasted for a month once, so I was forced to have it up 30 days).

I, personally, sleep better with my hair up, I'm a roller, and by that I mean I roll around in my sleep. With my hair up, it acts as cat whiskers and keeps me in place haha!

If you want to try sleeping with your hair up, make sure your using firm pillows, or else your hair will bend when your head sinks into the pillow, which is uncomfortable!

I just use a small pillow that only my head sits on so my hair isn't disturbed and I still get a pillow :)
I use the biggest cheapest can they have with Knox or soap. I just sleep on my side with either one pillow or none. I usually fix my hair, but I sometimes like the really fucked up look as I've been told it gets to look like the hawk on the Exploited skull.
I sleep on my side so it stays up. If it's looking a bit weak in the morning I'll spray on a little extra Got2Be spray, but that's it. That spray's really strong so it holds for a week or so if I sleep with it.
i only spike my hair on the weekends cause i work during the week, but usually ill keep it up for two days max. i start to get uncomfortable with it up. but got2be spray holds it up perfect. only time i gotta fix is if im drunk that night cause ill roll around even with it spiked
i sleep with mine up i just touch it up in the morning
I sleep with my hair up all the time. I use knox and hairspray so my hair tends to stay up 4-8 days, its not bad as long as you dont mind not laying on your back. I usually sleep on my side or my stomach though.  Knox makes your hawk really sturdy so i'll usually just hairspray the roots in the morning and head out for the day. (my hawk is about 13 inches tall)
I usually dont leave it up for days at a time, but i have slept with it a few times. If u sleep mostly on your sides it doesnt get ruined too bad. In the morning all you have to do it a bit of touch up and its good as new
I usually just sleep on my side with  a tiny pillow so  when my head is resting the hawk is hovering over the bed. When i wake up i do a tiny bit of touch ups and then im out :)


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