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I haven't heard of that many people doing it, but when you do..Do you just add gel, spray, or nothing and go? I'm curious how long some hair products can last..

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I use either Got2B Glued or Tresseme Freeze Spray, It has to be kinda flexible as i have had it rock solid and you will have the worst nights sleep as your body wants you to turn your head in the night...but your hair stops it so you wake up, pluss you are subconciously worried about it being ruined in the night whilst you are asleep....which also keeps waking you up.
its up all the time i sleep with my head to the side but sone times wake up on my back and think bollocks just fucked my hair lol
i just sleep on my side anyway so it aint a big problem. and yeah it does go manky after a few days... i kept it in almost perfect condition for a weekend but i wanted a bath so had to wash it out. i felt so unclean... :)
got2b glued and I hardly have to fix anything in the morning


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