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Anyone attend? If so where and what was the turn out? I walked in the Melbourne one, big turn out. seemed to make a fair big impact since we were stopping traffic.

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There was one in edmonton, but I didn't go. Also, I didn't hear anything on the news about it, so it might've been small. That's pretty typical though, I bet the one in Vancouver would have been huge!
what is it? are only sluts invited? :P
sometimes i forget that google is my friend.

there was a cop in the states that said if chicks dont want to get raped then they shouldnt dress like sluts.


There's one scheduled here that I was planning on going to- unfortunately it's the same day as my little girl's birthday party, so I'm going to try to put in an appearance, but obviously it's not like I can miss the birthday party I've been planning for 6 months lol.
There's one in Hollywood today
The London one's this weekend. I was gonna go but it's a bit of a travel from where I live. Looks good though!


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