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hey I´m considering taking snake bites, but everybody says that it wouldn´t suit me:D not that I´m gonna care. Anyway, do you know if there´s any scars left if the piercings inflame and I have to remove them? I´m not gonna ask if it hurts ´cause the pain threshold is always individual. And another question: how long does the lip heal?

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I'm not 100% sure, but I pierced my lip when I was 15 with a safety pin, and I can't see any scars.
I do know that some of them have to be surgicaly removed, and yes they do leave a scar!
That is specialty pie-ree-sings... because they are technicaly put in that way, and I have a scar from a lip ring, but none from my safty pins as well.
haha so okay, I´ll have to pierce my lip with a safety pin so there won´t be any scars :D:D thanks for responses :)
lol you don't need to use a safety pin for there to be no scar. actually, if you're using a pin, theres more chance of an infection and stuff which can cause more scarring if it happens to you. get it done professionally. thats the best thing you can do :) also, there will be a tiny scar if you take it out. but honestly, its not noticeable unless you like stretch your lip out and point out the tiny mark. i cant even see my scars.

as for healing, it's an oral piercing so it heal a lot faster than most regular piercings. as long as you take care of it well, it will heal up quite fast. i can't tell you exactly how long it will take, because much like pain, its different for everyone. but on average its about 3-8 weeks.
well if I´m gonna get it , I´m gonna get it done professionally anyway. It´s good to know the scars won´t propably be noticeable :) although that´s individual too. 3-8 weeks? that´s not bad, earrings heal much longer.
Did not know where you wanted them, if you do use your mouth or lip for them, then yah you wont have a noticiable scar. Depends on where and what gauge.

People have different ideas about how to do them.... I did not know if you wanted the inplant snake bites.
Apparently where I live is like SnakeBite City for girls.
OH. And no joke - It's the teen pregnancy capital of the world.
the Junior high has a day care program
that's awesome, in a depressing "society is falling" way.
i have vertical snakebites through my lip (instead of through the labret)

look at my photos.. took about 5weeks 2 b totally healed n then i put slightly bigger 14g bars through coz i wanted 2 (pierced at 16g) basically.. if u like the idea then go for it n itl make u even hotter than u alredy are ;)


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