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He's a douche. The band sucks anyway.

'QUIT BEING A DOUCHE' 00:10 - not a big fan of punk anyway ( possibly wrong thing to say on this site) but they suck shit and he can't take a little abuse from the crowd
well not really but wrong thing to say wen you call yourself punkey
hahaha oh shit punkey munkey your a gangsta for saying that on this site hahaha and yeah these guys sound quite awful but then again punk sounds awful..But these guys are like awful suck  type of awful hahahaha

my thoughts are:

  • I like SW's music but
  • Ben Weasel has always been kind of a douche but
  • Throwing beer and ice and spitting on a performer is always, always douchey but
  • So is punching people in the face, although
  • The chick did get up on stage when he said to get up and fight him, however
  • The other chick was just someone trying to stop the fight.

This is one of those situations that proves there usually isn't a straight up right or wrong side to any conflict. I'm not even going to touch the gender issues here, except to say that I don't think this is a matter of "punk rock is for boys only" like some people are making it. I love Screeching Weasel's music and I'm disappointed in what this will mean for the band's first tour in who knows how long, but I think there's a moral to be gleaned from this incident:

If you're looking for idols in the world of punk rock, you deserve to be let down.


Note to anyone; stand up to who you are going to stand up to regardless of gender or who has the advantage, but be aware of the repercussions of your actions. 


I know plenty of "men" with less balls than me. ;]

Its always fun to break traditional gender roles. :{ ]


Music will be music. If looked at in a positive light, it shows who the real fans are I suppose.

i agree with moriah..

haha i agree as well
I read that too; I was going to post it here but I thought people'd just tl;dr it. Very insightful.


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