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So, I like the hawk, but I actually hate the attention.

It just annoys me having the questions constantly, and i get asked 'how long does it take?' every single day by at least five people; i might aswell get it tatooed on my forehead. so i tried wearing it down, didn't work, tried wearing a hat, it just got pulled off (telling people not to fails and i'm not very mean anyway ^^)

Anyone else just get tired of the attention a hawk gets sometimes?

I really like my hawk by the way xD.

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Cut it off?
sometimes having to deal with people sucks, but its kinda worth it i think.
yeah i like wearing makeup and extensions but hate the attention it comes with if you dont like it then just dont pay attention to em thas what i do most of the time unless someone says sumtn to me
I live in London and get that practically every day as its like 7 inches of obnoxious green but it doesn't bother me. It mostly puts a smile on my face and gives me something to laugh about. If its that much of a problem just be a dick and tell them to go away and leave you alone.
Yea, take it in your stride and accept it'll happen. You meet nice people and it's a fun diversion to your day as well as theirs.
Exactly, as bad religion said, i'd rather laugh than cry and its been a good conversation starter and unlike when i had a skin head and goati people don't cross the road to avoid me when i have a hawk and that feels good.
I dont mind it  i find it rather funny and if you don't like it then maybe you should be rude or shave it.
haha same :) were cooler than them x
Yea, but what do you expect? You got a stripe of hair bolting out of your head haha!
i love it but yeah the first ? i get is how do you get it to stand up like that, but i love the dirty looks and the people who try not too look at you lol it makes me smile!!!
I fucking love it,,lol because most of the time its always some hot or cute chicks asking or looking

Got to agree with that, love it when hot chicks come up and ask about it and me.


It also gave one cougar a great line last weekend:

(Looking at hair) "Can I touch it?" 


(Gropes me) Thanks!



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