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So what is is the worst and the most hilarious comment/remark you've gotten about your hawk??

Seems lately every time I come on the forum it's the same few discussions so I thought I'd add something new.
What was the worst comment/remark/action from an asshole you've ever gotten and the most hilarious. For me the worst was some idiot that just yelled "!". It just pissed me off because he couldn't come up with anything better and he said um for fuck sake.
The most hilarious was a few teenagerish kids talking and they were pointing and looking directly at me. I over heard one say "Look at that" (another one) "yea so?" (first one) "What a dyke(and Im a guy). Check out the landing strip."
I just cracked up laughing out loud. I walked up and said" You made my day(still rolling)" and walked off. He looked like he shit his self. I guess he wasn't expecting that out of me. Haha
What are yours?

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well....when i was walking into the ladies bathroom in a shopping centre....this old woman suddenly stops me and says....'im sorry dear...i think you're going the wrong way....this is the L-A-D-I-E-S bathroom' was kinda funny at that time!lol
Worst: Some dick metal head was like, "You need some tips on your Mohawk" It was a fucking perfect fan.
Best: I walked into a classroom, and this redneck was like, "You look like a chicken!"
Some dude walked by and said, "Nice faux

It was just confusing because I clearly don't have a faux-hawk. Amazing.
heh heh I had someone shout 'Mullet' this summer at me. Ironic considering my hair is short at the back and the 'hawk was only a couple inches wide then.
Mmm. My worst was when i was coming out of a store and some lady that was shopping there waited in her car for me to get out. She stopped in front of me and yelled "YOU MUST BE A LESBIAN BECAUSE THATS THE UGLIEST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN!" and drove away honking. all i could say was what the fuck?
that would've pissed me off so bad! i would've chased her down and shaved her head.
wtf?? what a complete cunt, that is sooooo rude
It amazes me how complete strangers can't keep their mouths shut and, you know, keep their insulting thoughts private. It just lowers them to the level of a 5 year old - most ppl learn manners and that includes not shouting out the first drival that enters their minds.

I'm glad the mum told her to stop talking - at least that's something.
Awww that's so sad... -----: (
Haha short term memory loss.
LOL I think you might have made a life-long impression there - even if they do forget daily. =D
I find that the most upsetting comments I get come are from people that I know. The rest are just annoyances at being surrounded by ignorant people.

Once I got a text from one of my friends after telling him I was getting a mohawk and all he sent back was EWWWWWWW Gross! And ofcourse there's the ever popular "Why do you want that? Only lesbians get boy haircuts".


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