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So what is is the worst and the most hilarious comment/remark you've gotten about your hawk??

Seems lately every time I come on the forum it's the same few discussions so I thought I'd add something new.
What was the worst comment/remark/action from an asshole you've ever gotten and the most hilarious. For me the worst was some idiot that just yelled "!". It just pissed me off because he couldn't come up with anything better and he said um for fuck sake.
The most hilarious was a few teenagerish kids talking and they were pointing and looking directly at me. I over heard one say "Look at that" (another one) "yea so?" (first one) "What a dyke(and Im a guy). Check out the landing strip."
I just cracked up laughing out loud. I walked up and said" You made my day(still rolling)" and walked off. He looked like he shit his self. I guess he wasn't expecting that out of me. Haha
What are yours?

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I used to have to walk by an elementary school to get home from classes and a little girl, she was probably 6 or so, ran up to the fence and started yelling "YOU GOTS A TOMAHAWK! I WANNA TOUCH IT" So I jumped the fence and just sat on the slide while she petted my head.
She wouldn't let me leave though.

I also used to get asked by old women how to do it, and I'd always be polite and explain, until one came by where I worked the next day with her hair cut into a mohawk, asking me to put it up for her.
well as for worst.. i can think of this so called insult that wasnt even much of an insult thus i title it "my worst insult" it was when i was 17 and in high school.i guess this person was a substitute teacher and it was during passing periods and i walked by him and he yelled at me "do your homework, not your hair!" after i passed by him. i just laughed. i try to take "insults" as compliments cuz some how theyre getting pissed of by what ever i do or look so i must be doing something right
The best comment I've heard came from a girl I was out with, she said "I love being out with you and your mohawk. It's like being in sideshow alley. Everyone's jaw is wide open and their heads turn as we walk past them."
I think the funniest one I ever got was from a small child: "mummy, that man looks like a chicken" or when I had it down once another little kid said "mummy, he looks like a horse" charming!!
Waiting to cross the road an old lady asked if She could tell me a joke or if I would be offended. I let her go on.
A young man, with hair much like yours, only red, blue and yellow was sitting on a bench.
An old man sat down and continued to stare at this boy.
Finally the boy yelled "what? You've never down anything rebellious and different?"
The man replied "Yes in fact at one point in my life, I got so drunk I fucked a parrot; I cant help but wonder if your my son."

Great old lady joke.
I've been called a freak, king leonidas, smurf etc. Lots of people appear to be offended by my hair >.> lolz
haha I don´t even remember all the weird comments. I think the best comments by far have been by little-girls: "mommy, why is that boy wearing a skirt?" XD but hey one child was once clever enough to notice I´m a girl, so she asked her dad: "hey daddy, why is that girl a little bald?"
When I was stomping around downtown looking for something to do, this guy on a Harley rode up to me, turned off his bike, turned to me, and stuck his fist in the air. He went on to say that I had more balls than he did... Wow... More balls than a dude... A dude covered in tattoos, riding a Harley... Wow... That's all I have to say... Wow...
The best one i've ever gotten was when i was at the market and a little girl came up to me and yelled "look Mommy it's a rockstar" that just made my day. Another one i got whe i was at a thirft shop and some little old lady started talking ot me about how i reminded her so much about herself, then she took out pictures and told me about how she ran away but got caught at a train station. The worst one i've ever gotten was when i was walking around with my mother and some douchenozzle told her daughter never to look like a bum like me, My mother went off on her it was really funny.
I live on a small island of about 80,000, only a couple of punks, when I had my big hawk and studded jacket kids would say "nice hair duuuude!" in a surfer/stoner voice. Very funny yeah.

Surprisingly, the most comments I got were from people aged 40 to about 70 saying they liked my hair.

One old lady came up and said my jacket was great, when I explained the writing down the back was a band not a statement, she said "oh, I just thought you were really pissed off." haha, smart.

SICK OF IT ALL was written down the back.
I can't really think of the worst, or funniest for that matter
but the one that i'll never forget, and that sticks with me lol
is the one time i walked into this mall and an old lady was walking infront of me
she turns to the side and sees me and goes
"OH! Good gracious, what you don't have to pay to see these days"
hahah then she was gone lol
an 8 year old asked me "why do you do your hair like that?'' Normally I'd say STFU. But I said "cause I'm special". He says "no you're not. I think you're just trying to get into Hollywood."


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