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i went to a gwar show on saturday witch was fucking awesome :D

but be4 the show even start my friend decided to pick me up by my neck witch im use to but he ended up doing it too long and i start getting lighted head and pointed down when he put me down i was out cold and fell straight to the ground and banded my head off the concrete ground i was only out a few seconds but when i opened my eyes and saw every1 looking at me i didnt know where i was or what happened and they were looking at me with their jaws dropped in a wtf is she alive kinda look they helped me up and were holding me up as i was laughing and asking where the fuck am i, what the fuck just happened how fuck did i black out, they told me and they said i hit the ground mad hard they said they could head my head hit the ground over the bass, but i didnt even feel a thing and i dont even have a lump of anything but my ears r still ringing and its been 2days to the show and my mom think i should go to the hospital and i dont want to go, do u guys think i should go?

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lol no i wanted to prove it to myself lol and hang them on my wall :p
mmm images of homer simpson's MRI come to mind lol


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