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Soo yeah whens the last time 1 of you niggas got into a fight?

Well I get into fights quite often like atleast once everytwo months and its usually over some1 making a dumb comment like about my hair or make up..Saying nasty comments..Well the last time I got into a fight was in the liquor shop around here..I was in the liquor store with my friend and these two guys started laughing at me and talking shit and the guy came up in my face and said "yo what the fuck you wearing nigga and when he took another toward his friend I walked up to the side of him and punched him in the eye and kept hitting him..Sometimes these thugs around act really fucking stupid.and I was pissed because I lost 1 of my silver gauges..Oh well soo tell when was your last fight?I know im not the only 1 that throws down on here..



This is me in my boxing gym hitting the punching bag..Yes I do take boxing classes btw



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