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I have thick/curly/heavy hair and I wanted a Mohawk. I asked a friend of mine who has one to cut if for me and he completely butchered my hair, let it choppy and long in some spots on the top and practically nothing going down the back middle to continue what he left on the top. So, I just shaved it all off for a fresh start. My question is when it is growing back, how often would you recommend re-shaving the sides, or should I just wait until it has some length and try again? 

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I would wait until a few inches to shave the sides again. I just prefer a mohawk that can be spiked up. My preference would be 2-3 inches.

if all fails you might have to go to the barbber and have him shave it , if you don't have your own clippers. and curly hair is anoying for me but liberty spikes work well.

I shaved the sides and left some bang in the front. I'm going to maintain the shave and start leaving the part that I want to grow out untouched. It will look strange for a bit, but oh well. :) The end will be awesome. 

Thanks for the responses. 

nah it never looks funny even if you have a black strip down your head. cause then anybody will know what youre doing lol growing a sweet ass mohawk. 

i shave my sides once a month. or let it grow for awhile if i fuck up on a shave. 


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