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Hey guys

Just wanted to ask who likes to wear steel toed boots, and what you think of boots with steel toe vs. boots without.

Personally I really like steel capped boots, they look hard, they make a statement they protect your feet and they look awesome


Looking forward to your comments

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Here in america, steel toe boots are slowly being replaced with composite caps. The composite metals are lighter, stronger, and cheaper, but In my opinion that could all be a lie to save the companies some cash. They doin that where you are?
you nailed that one on the button,,those composite caps are cheaper and ''GARBAGE'' if you want them just for style then they are cool but as far as protection is concerned go steel toe,,in my line of work''roofing'' they have been tried and tested,all of the building trades agree,,for style its the caps for real toe protection go steel toe

Not really, In Europe you can still get a lot of boots with real steel caps, ranger boots, steel capped Docs and so on. I only wear real steel caps, composites are trash.

I wish I had steel caps but that wouldn't do well for crowd surfing XP
I tend to buy steel toed Docs. A, because their useful and I like the look of bump toe. Then B, because their cheaper (we don't have to pay tax on saftey boots in the UK) I have been refused entry into a couple of clubs in the past, but its a long time since I've seen a 'no steel toe cap' door policy. At least not at any club I had any interest in going in.
I like them, they're great at shows so you don't get trodden on and are generally good boots. However, if you're going to crowdsurf don't do it in steel toed boots. I've been kicked by them and it's a real dick move.
agreedx10 thats a real dick move,I think I still have a lump on my forehead from a show 3 yeras ago,,lol
I got kicked in the back of the head, was in the second row and headbutted the girl in front of me. Got to know her a bit after the show though and we're good friends now.
I have two pairs of boots with steel toes (Steel Boots Rock Style I think they're called... eyelet 10 and 20) and seriously I enjoy wearing either pair every day, on every occasion when I'm somewhere outside. They're comfortable and I'm in love with the look.
Haha especially squashin emo kids
I love steal toed  boots, I plan on buying some new ones in the next few days.  As for the capped ones  as said above there shit and don't really do anything in the welding shop they don't protect shit. Personally i would have all steal toe boots if i could.
I love love love my steel-toed boots.  Not only are they completely man made (no leather or other animal products), but they are an awesome dark blue color.  My only complaint was the price.  I got mine for a killer discount, however the shipping costs were rather hefty (imported from London).  They are also super heavy.  Great work boots, plus they keep my feet warm and dry, but not ideal for long days of hiking or other strenuous activity.  I've had them for almost four years now and they still show no signs of wear. 


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