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Hey guys

Just wanted to ask who likes to wear steel toed boots, and what you think of boots with steel toe vs. boots without.

Personally I really like steel capped boots, they look hard, they make a statement they protect your feet and they look awesome


Looking forward to your comments

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I like your attitude! Steel caps are the best!
are you going to wear them to work or kick some ones head in if neither then what does it matter as long as they look the part .........

I don't wear them for any of those reasons.  I have some steel-toed boots 'cause I like the look & shape of them over non-steel toed boots.  If they looked identical, then it doesn't matter to me much, but they tend not to and yeah, there is a feeling of power to knowing they have steel caps and the extra weight lets you know it.


At least for the first few pairs you get. =]  After a while you forget about it, but the steel-toed shape/look remains definitely better IMHO.

yeah, steel toed boots are definitely more hard core, and I like it that way. Wearing steelies makes a statement.

i got one pair of steel toed boots and one pair that arent, the steel toed ones are way more comfortable and alot cooler looking(new army issue i got for free) like a dark khaki i guess with green canvas on the sides, i love them.

non steel toed are shitty and i paid sixty bucks for them, worst buy i ever made, i dont even wear them any more

Well, I haven't been wearing anything but steel toed boots the past 3 years.

But they can't live much longer. I so gonna buy new steel toed boots! Always steel toed!


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