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Hey all! I've been playing around with stencils and making them, but it's really hard to find good designs. Anyone know a good website for finding some (preferably free) stencils I can print out? I have letters already, mostly want some bands, political, feminist types.

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Well stencil-punks is down :/ If you have tumblr search the tags for stencil-punks or just Google images?

^ took the words right out of my mouth. After stencilpunks went down i don't know where to go to find stencils. 

Thanks! Tried most of those but hadn't tried the second one :D Also your pic is sick love your hair!
Yeah I've been using Google and Pinterest :/ mixed success!

You can easily get all sorts of stencil designs on Google. Just type in your search term and you will get innumerable results.


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