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Stoner films, There are plenty of them, but which are the best ?

How High
Half Baked
Fast times at ridgemont high
The many Cheech and Chong films
The Friday films
Pineapple express
Super high me
Dazed and confused
Harold and Kumar
The stoned age

Let me know what you think and tell me if i missed any good ones.

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I liked Super high me, but idk if its just me it looked like he didnt inhale most of the time. I didnt really like Pineapple Express. Half Baked was funny, my brother Sam has "i wanna talk to sampson" across his collarbone. Fast times at reidgemont high was good.
hahaha i never noticed that before, im gonna have to look out for it next time i watch it, also thats a sick tattoo idea =P
Just watched "Grandma's Boy" defo another one for the list =]
'should i smoke dope' is a good one. Its a british doc. showing like te differences and simalarities of weed and alcahol and home grown skunk versus natural. The gal on it drives cars under the influence of pot and weed. Its pretty good, well i liked it.
yes yes, Twiggy...Grandmas Boy is an excellent stoner film. even thinking about j.p.'s weirdness makes me giggle.
Bwahahaha obviously anything with cheech and chong hehe
hahaha goes without sayin =]
ok this may offend some and it also isnt a stoner film ''BUT'' me and my friend probably were the only two people in history to literally laughed through the entire passion of Christ movie,,were we high as hell? yes,,lol it as the simple fact that what the hell was mell gibson thinking lol he made a movie about about somebody getting there ass beat ''THE ENTIRE FUCKING FILM'' it was hilarious.they were using mases ,spiked whips, sticks,rocks,ect we were like how the fuck is jesus still alive,,it was so overdone crossed the line into really funny
LOL yeah i wouldnt say it was a stoner film, but if thats what makes u laugh when ur high, who the hell am i to disagree =]

still think cheech and chong win though !
I watched A Beautiful Mind when i was high with my friend and it was fucking AMAZING
I'll have to rent it out or somethin.
Lol i literally felt all the emotions in the film and when the sad parts came i burst into tears ... kinda weird effects for being high lmao. And when the success part happened i was like YESSSS GO GO GO YOU WIN


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