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Well i plan on starting to stretch my ears. I can't go any bigger than a 10g or maybe an 8g and yes i know that is TINY! I probably wont keep tunnels in i will probably just have the thicker barbells in.  I think the circular barbells look good. But then again i might put some small tunnels in.  I will go bigger later on like through the years.  So i have some questions, I can get pincher/tunnel packs for 12$ so my ears are at a 14g or a looser 16g. Can i use the pincher to go up to a 10g?  My ears are stretchy and I'm going to use lube and a hot shower to loosen them up.  So as long as I'm not going to like a 6g or anything should i be o.k. using pinchers right?

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i strectched using ductape ..and once i was bigger than a quater. now im nickelsized in gauges
no um electripe tape
do you put the tape all over the taper? or just on the but thats gonna be in your ear?

i have 1/2 inch and i want to stretch it up to an inch


i hear wood is really nice for plugs, but that's just certain peoples opinions. I personally prefer stones. I currently have amethyst 00g plugs and glass(which I am hoping to switch out for opal) 2g. I decided to cheat and not stretch my 2g piercing via tapers and such and just went straight for the dermal punch. WORST and best decision of my life. I was able to decide where they went so they weren't too close or too far from my 00g but IT HURT LIKE A BITCH.


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