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sorry. i know i probably sound really idiotic. But how do you put those studs on jackets and ...where do ya find the studs? 'cause the closest thing i have found to look for stuff like that in ak is Hot Topic....and they are no help.

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you can find spikes or studs anywhere if you live in the Uk somewher like London would be a start or posibly birmingham or summin like that.
uh the usa:
or local t-shirt shops or summminlike that
but internet is the most likely and probably take less time
especially if you go out one day and don't actually find any
Find a really cheap studded belt and take the studs out. (It takes a little work) Then just shove the prongs through and bend em down.
um, supposedly fabric stores carry studs as well. and i use my old belts, cuz for some reason i go through like two or three a year. um, army jackets are also really good for easy application of studs, given leather is so tough.


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