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I know, I has been discussed here before...

but after spending several hours Saturday bleaching my hawk so I had some hope of the crazy color being visible, I am soooo annoyed that one of the Manic Panic dyes barely took and the other isn't exactly winning any prizes for it's staying power. 

   I usually buy local and here you either get Manic Panic and a choice of colors, or you can buy one other brand (the name escapes me now) in either Pink, Pinkish Red, or Black....not colors I want (at this time).    


   so let's hear your Manic Panic rants (and any good alternatives you've found/bad experiences ordering dye on line, etc).


  I am so freaking pissed that I paid NINE FREAKING DOLLARS A POT for hair dye that really doesn't dye anything except stuff you dont' want it on.  how in holy hell can this stuff stain my hands, my sink, my floor, my towels and yet NOT STICK TO MY FREAKING HAIR.  if i didn't think it was animal cruelty, i'd put a dot on one of the cats just to see if it had any staying power on them!!!!!   When I was a kid it was either MP or kool aid.  SURELY IN THE 15+ YEARS I'VE BEEN DOING THIS STUFF TO MY HAIR SOMETHING BETTER HAS COME ALONG!!! 

  I just want a good BRIGHT purple (I think I used MP ultra violet, purple haze is darker than what i want) I'd wanted a green, but couldn't find any local so I went with a turquoise-y color..not quite green, but not totally blue. The purple has done as well as can be expected...but the Turquoise was almost totally gone by Monday. WTF WTF WTF WTF.     Seriously, I'd been better off with kool least when it failed, I'd be out 88 cents, not nine dollars!!!!!!!!



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This colour I have now lasts for months upon months though, so the colour fading isn't really a worry for me. :3
Plus my shampoo seems to be amazing at keeping colour in.
As for greasiness, I have no idea.
you can add baby powder to your bangs if they get greasy! just don't add too much or it'll dull the color
This blue is only $6 for 2 oz, I thought that was expensive till you said $20 for 2.5 oz! wow!!! lol but I only use 1/2 oz color and 1/2 oz cream and that's good enough for one dye, but that was on half my hawk. I'm also thinking about getting different colors of this brand and mixing and seeing what kind of crazy colors I can come up with.
I've used manic panic electric lizard and Cotten candy pink, niether took AT ALL. I've used pillarbox red but only to mix and make purples and I've used midnight blue which lasts FOREVER ( I'm having a hard time getting it out to re-color). But it stains worse then any dye I've ever used. For over a month I had to completely scrub the shower, top to bottom, with comet and clorox bleach. I stained my pillows, towels, shirts...anything my hair touched while wet or spent a long amount of contact with. Not really worth the hassel.. Punky colors for blues and greens and ocassionally purples and beyond the zone for pink\reds will always be my dyes of choice.
mr clean erasers have worked amazingly well for getting dye stains out of my ancient bathtub.
There are better products out there than Manic Panic. The best I've found is Raw Color. Punky Color is not as good as Rw Color, but it's better than Manic Panic. I also hear good things about Special Effects color, but I haven't tried it. I usually dye my hair blue or green, so I can't really say if the other colors are better than their Manic Panic equivalents.
I used to use Special Effects, but there is no where around here that sells it anymore. It was amazing for semi/demi coloring.
There's also a turquise color by Beyond Zone, but it came out lime green in my hair...
i had the same problem i dyed my hair purple it stayed in for a day and went a grayish colour but the tuquise i had a while ago stayed good . one thing i found out tho wash ur hair with cold water it doesnt lose the colour as fast
the directions on some color brands say to wash with cooler water. I saw that a few weeks ago and was like ok, but I like hot showers lol, gotta make a sacrifice somewhere i suppose.
Shok, funny..I have the exact opposite happening, the purple, while does fade, doesn't turn into that funky greyish/deadish color, yet the turquoise almost immediately goes into that weird faded out corpsey green. i do the cold water thing, i don't wash often, etc etc etc....i can't wait to finish the containers of MP i have just so i can try anything other than MP and see if i have the same issues.
a good brand i found that doesnt wash out too fast on me is ice cream i had my hair a dark blue and it didnt fade for a month and a half 


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