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How do you style your hair while it's not spiked? I need some ideas...mine isn't long enough to put into a good pony tail yet (like 1 or 2 inches more and it will be), and when I just leave it down I resemble Hitler...

So yeah, what do you do?

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I have that same problem, the hitler thing. There aren't many ways of styling your hair when its down, I just deal with the hitler look.
im in the same boat, im like 2in short of a ponytail. i comb the back half back, and the front part forward and off to the side (like emo bangs sorta) and then add a little hairspray. lol i think finding the right way to wear it down is more of a puzzle than finding the right way to put it up.
hats always works too. =]
I used to get the Hitler thing, when I dyed my hawk those comments stopped. Right now I just put a hat on, like a kangol or a fedora. I have a pretty cool plaid fedora.
When I have my hawk down people at school call me Peguasis (sp?) because it looks like a horses mane lol.
I put some sort of product in it to make it messy like surf hair or some sort of palmate. I dunno. I've been messing with my hair a lot when it's down. But I've also got a chelsea-hawk so I don't really get the hitler thing at all. I don't know if that helps, but I am sure there is something you can do.
i rock tha hitler or ill push it to tha side like marty mcfly's dad in the first back 2 tha future but mainly i put it n a devil loc misfits rock hard

A ponytail would be my best option for you or just like put mousse in it( this is what I do) and add some volume to it so its less in the way and curl up or roll up your mohawk near the roots. Some it may work for some it may wont.

try it out and let me know. :D

fyi put mousse in when hair is damp then blowdry

what exactly is a chelsea hawk? lol please forgive my ignorance.

and my hair is like shorter than two inches right now so i have a baby hawk.

i wish it would be long enough to put in a ponytail

It's a mohawk with bangs/fringe
If it's not long enough to really do anything with you could at least get some hair putty and give it some texture. Rub the putty in your hands then rub your hair between your hands.
I usually just leave it, or cover it with a bandanna. If I'm out with friends, I might ask one of the girls to plait it for fun.


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