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Summer clothes/ "punker than thou" attitude

Alright, well I was wondering, what do you guys wear in the summer? I'm ditching my boots now cause it's gettin in the 80s range now (I wore my docs all last summer; bad idea) I'm now donning my Converses' and baller shorts.

This ties into the second subject, and it's the whole "punker than thou" mindset I've been seeing.

Trying to keep it short, I'm friends with some kids that like like 30 mins away from me. I was at a show quite a while ago before I had my mohawk (this is where I met them), and I was wearing my docs, black pants, and a white shirt; pretty simple. I remember them looking me over and saying I didn't look "punk enough." I thought it was a joke, but I guess it wasn't. 

What in the actual fuck is up with that? Because I didn't have my vest and my hair wasn't a mohawk, I'm not "punk." I dig the self expression, supporting yer bands, and the political ideologies, but since when did everyone become so pretentious? I've see it a few shows, and even on the internet, since then. I'm not upset that I didn't look "punk" enough to them, I'm just left wondering since when the scene became more about appearances than the mindset... 

And I made this into one post cause I didn't feel like making two, sorry if it inconviences you in any way. 

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I wear the same stuff in summer, I grew up in a really cold area so for some reason heat doesn't bother me (still prefer cold, tho!)

And fuck the other guys, their opinion seems to say more about them than it does you, do what ya want as long as your happy with it

well im really fucking skinny, and i have really low self esteem about it. Especially my arms. I hate my arms and wrists. So i end up wearing a jacket vall year round even though memphis is hot as shit just because im an idiot who cares what people think apparently. But that isnt why i wear a mohawk, boots, and a studded leather jacket. i honestly dont care if i seem opunk. i dont care if you think im a fucking hippie. i just nevar felt comfortable until my jacket had spikes. Im not trying to be punk, im just trying to satisfy myself. Also, i dont ever really feel like my feet are too hot, so i wear my boots all year. Ive been told that low circulation to the feet runs in my family, so that could give me less sinsetivety, but im not sure if my circulation is low cuz i have no bases of comparison.

shoes: addidas (sambas) and converse. 

bottom: shorts & jeans

top: tank tops, t-shirts, & vests. 

ignore idiots. those kids are just insecure because they feel like they need to dress punk as fuck to be accepted. But then they see you not giving a shit and still fitting in and it makes them upset because they try so hard and you're still cooler than them.  

boogles got it right :D 

she fits in cause she dont give a fun either. :D

I dont care what other people say. Punk is about rebellion, freedom and individuality. And I dont care if my style is punk or not. Actually my style is quite unique; I like stylish outfits (dark blue jeans, black shirt, jacket), but in combination with my hawk and my cherry red docs, it is definitely unique.

As close to nothing as legally possible.

its already hot as hell here in houston,texas (recent was 95) and well i wear shorts and skate shoes pretty much all the time. cause i ride bmx alot. dont really have time for boots unless i go some where like a need boots there haha. 

as far as the punk thing. idk ive had that kinda shit said to me. i told them good. cause i dont even consider myself punk in anyway . i love the music, the energy at shows an such. some of the political views (i dont care for it much but wanted to learn about it if i was going to listen to music that was mostly about that such stuff) really i consider myself a metal head if you want to call it that. cause i wear death metal/black metal. an such shirts/patches more then punk bands. and its my main music love. 


so yeah it seems they are just bitches lol they can eat like 6 bags of dicks. 

thats whats up :)

First of all, I don`t think this is the right page to ask something like that(not being a bitch). And well, there will always be assholes out there mohawk or not. Personally, I don`t get that mindset, I mean a lot of the early bands didn`t look very "punk", they didn`t have hot topic and all that shit back then. Like the ones from eastern europe, seeing as they couldn`t really dress up in garbage(at least in the commie states). But then again those bands never really became very famous.

Well you can either do like everyone else and conform or just continue doing your own thing. There are alright people out there, just ignore the assholes. I mean its kinda lol that a punk would judge by how you look.

My "punk" is my artwork - I don't care if anyone likes it - It's for me.  I do not mind the compliments I get tho...:)  I live in a liberal town, although I am very libertarian and yet I have a mohawk - I am amazed at the assumptions people make about me.  Poor people -trying to stick me in their sort pile and they get confused...  When I had my original mohawk at 16 - I liked it just as much as now -up or down.  However, I certainly was more concerned with impressing or shocking people or fitting in.  I am 42 now and I love my hawk and my look and the art of it all.  If someone says something not as complimentary, I just say the same thing about their hair...:)  I am much more interested in people liking their style than I am with me approving of it.  Who freakin' cares!?!  Innocence is an "approval seeking" or "specialness" time of life - I am so glad I am past that!  Fuckin' Idiots!  You should be glad you made them feel better about themselves, 'cause they apparently needed it...


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