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What special events take place near you during summer?

Like, here we have a regular fayre where we have a walk headed by a bag-piper through the village in the morning. With a fancy dress parade for the kids. Some local bands play later and everyone tries to sell old junk and cakes in little stalls. =)

Oh, there's also a bouncy castle usually and a place to get soaked by folk throwing sponges at you. :O My friend always enters the raffle too at it.

So, what happens around your part of the world during this time of year?

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loadz of fairs like strawberry fair as u can see by my pics it a very drug orientated fest
im also goin to a bicker fest topless bike washing and the likes which shud be fun
but on the whole ppl just go feastivals like the sonisphere festival in knebworth if ne1 else is goin contact me ill meet u there lol
Well, my local fayre went off much as expected - with a flyover by the local microlite flying club and piper-led parade.

I got severely sun-burnt though and my face is still healing from it, nearly 2 weeks on. XD Serves me right for trusting to the early overcast weather (which turned to scorching sun) and not putting on sun-block.
Year 2 - Star-date 2010: Today was my local street fayre again. It was much like last year, but better. :D

No heckling, a few remarks from a bunch of cyclists passing on my way down: "You'd have trouble getting a helmet on that!" was one. But then later, I had this women in her forties pass me with a big thumbs up and "Great hair!".

Another women with graying hair, I passed with a camera out, seemed to just about to take a shot and I went aside to not block her view. Later, my pal and me were walking up and he said did I notice that women who took a photo (of me)?

So, even with the blue nearly gone, I had nice, though short day - and avoided the sun-burn too! :D

Anyone been having fun at their local festivals too, this year?


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